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Elections for the HCMGA 2017 Board


Meet The Candidates  October meeting

It’s almost Ballot Time! Elections for HCMGA board positions will be held at the October 25 membership meeting. We are voting on eight positions this year.

Per the by-laws approved in 2015, the position of Past President is not an elected one. So, we are pleased to say that Margie Inlow will serve as HCMGA’s first Past President.

In addition, two Officer at Large positions are currently held by Jane Lawrence and Kim Chmielewski. Their positions are not up for election in October: The Officers at Large elected last March are serving a special, extended term that is necessary for a successful transition to an 11-member board.

Two other Officers at Large who were also elected earlier this year, Ray Fitzpatrick and Michelle Arfman, are vacating their positions to run for 2017 President and Vice President, respectively.

Here’s a look at your candidates for the 2017 Board:

Ray Fitzpatrick (Correction: Membership began 2007)

Michelle Arfman

David Richey

Anna Scarlavai

Stephanie Daugherty

Susan Allen

Liza Frydenlund

Donna Hess

Remember: Nominations from the floor will be accepted during the October meeting. If you have any questions or comments, please email the Nominating Committee at .


Important Membership Renewal Notice

The forms for renewing your membership have been mailed to your home address on file.


As a Purdue Master Gardener and a member of Hamilton County Master Gardener Association (HCMGA), the forms are required on an annual basis. Both forms must be returned with your dues payment. The Purdue form (front and back) is required to be completed, signed and returned with your dues. Your dues are not considered paid until the treasurer has your completed forms along with your payment.

Note Change:  Payments made after the January members meeting, (January 17, 2017) will be considered past due and a $10 late fee will be added to your payment!

Members, especially snowbirds, are highly encouraged to immediately complete your forms, write your check, made to  HCMGA, and mail to:

Treasurer, HCMGA
2003 Pleasant Street
Noblesville, IN 46060

It is not a change, but please note on the HCMGA  application your dues must be paid by December 31st for your name to be included in the 2017 Directory. Also not a change, is the requirement that any dues unpaid by March 1st will cause you to be dropped from the HCMGA mailing list.



*** October Meeting Change ***




Please mark your calendar!!

October General Meeting Date Change

To accommodate a request by the extension office

our October 18th General Meeting

has been changed to

TUESDAY, October 25th at 6:30 p.m.

Hall A

Guest speaker: Jim Barbour,

“Putting Your Garden to Bed”

2016 New Master Gardeners Class

Tuesday, August 23 the first session of the 2016 Master Gardener class was conducted.


Diane Turner and Margie Inlow were the presenters for this session. Diane provided a basic overview of the Purdue Master Gardener Program and Margie presented information regarding HCMGA and what we do.

 As the 31 participants talked about themselves, I could not help to be impressed. Lawyers, animal doctors, finance experts, stay at home moms, former IT managers as well as one participant who has a degree from Purdue in Landscape Design. Not only have many of them traveled extensively, but some have lived in the orient and middle east.

 IMG_0506 IMG_0504

Hope all of our members will have the opportunity of meeting and working with this delightful group.



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