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Third Phase Needs You


*** Help Wanted! ***

Third Phase Committee needs you.

Third Phase

What’s Third Phase?      

Third Phase is a woman’s shelter.  We promote awareness of producing food locally and share our knowledge of vegetable gardening with residents of the Third Phase woman’s shelter and community members who volunteer at Third Phase.

Interested in chairing the Third Phase Committee next year?  While our garden is all set up to be grown organically, a new chair could decide on whatever he or she wants to do, so long as HCMGA and the Third Phase Staff approve.  I would love to turn the committee over to another person. My co-chairs from this year will be doing other things, and I would also like that opportunity.

I might remain a co-chair if my co-chairs are willing to share in or evenly divide the entire running of the garden, the planning, the communication, the encouragement of Third Phase participation, and the administrative work. They would also need to be interested in keeping the garden organic and self-sustaining.

This is a BIG garden, but there are a lot of great people on our committee.  This committee is a great place to learn and grow and share what we know.

If you are interested in helping in any capacity, please contact me.  You can make a difference.

Jeannine Mattingly,  Third Phase Committee, HCMGA