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Nominating Committee

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The committee shall be appointed by the HCMGA Presidents. The purpose of this committee is to provide a slate of nominees at the October meeting for election by the general membership.

History of Committee

Nominations were made by several members and the calling was done by one person until 2014 when a 3 person committee was appointed.

The nominating committee should be able to select candidates from our general membership that have strong leadership abilities, good communication skills, these candidates should be a capable of working well as a team member and also have a desire and willingness to service a possible 3 year term.

The nominating committee should be familiar with our members individually.

The nominating committee should have a list of possible candidates to fill any position ready at all times.

The nominating committee shall present a list of nominees to fill any vacancy on the Board of Directors.

The committee shall present a list of nominees for election in written form to the membership prior to the October meeting.

Nominations may also be made from the floor during the meeting when elections are held.

Past Chairs

Cindy Haas – 2013

Alice Overton, Patricia Pan, Michelle Arfman 2014

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