West Side Tour

Please note that the stops on this tour, with the exception of the Nature Explore Classroom, require walking on gravel and/or uneven ground.

Bent Arrow Acres

The transformation from city professionals to working farmers is just one part of Claire and Adam Trost’s story. See how they turned land that grew conventional soy and corn into a growing sustainable farm by applying regenerative farming practices. But what is that, and what does the Bent Arrow logo mean? Find out when you visit Bent Arrow Acres.

Kirkendall 1,2,3 Basin

Even a hundred residential rain gardens wouldn’t have been enough to alleviate the heavy flooding that ran through a Kokomo neighborhood after a rainfall. Discover how a new stormwater basin bailed out the water-logged homes and provides the setting for a beautiful natural habitat.

Nature Explore Classroom

Explore a kids’ classroom that’s not a classroom. The Russiaville branch of the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library is a certified Nature Explore Classroom that takes playing – and learning – to a new level. From a dry riverbed full of hand-painted rocks to a climbing wall and kid-focused gardens, it’s more than you can imagine!

Thistle Rock Farm

After years of arduous toil, Steve Daily and Michelle Martin transformed badly eroded soil, tons of rock, and water-damaged acreage into a strictly organic, bountiful farm. Join this tour to hear their story and discover the beauty that is Thistle Rock Farm.

East Side Tour

Please note that the three public stops on this tour are suitable for attendees with walking disabilities. The fourth, the Worthley garden, will have a golf cart available for one passenger and an ATV-like vehicle for another to provide access off of the driveway.

The Community Butterfly Garden

For one Howard County resident, a trip to Texas included witnessing the annual monarch butterfly migration. The wonder of that experience was the seed of an idea that has grown into a haven for monarchs and other pollinators at the South Branch of the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library. Join us at the KHCPL Community Butterfly Garden to see how the garden is evolving (with the help of many dedicated volunteers); and to learn how library programs are spreading the word about monarchs, pollinators, and native plants.

Howard County Veterans Memorial

Located in a Kokomo city park, this memorial is dedicated to all Howard County veterans. It is filled with poignant statues, memorial benches, inscribed bricks, and military emblems – all of which create an atmosphere that leads to solace and quiet reflection. Walk through the gardens, which the Howard Country Master Gardeners helped plant as their very first project. And discover how sod that filled one-and-a-half semi-trucks got installed in just four hours!

Rain Garden Plaza

Designed as a model site for the natural filtering of urban parking lot pollutants, Rain Garden Plaza has become a gathering place for downtown workers on their lunch breaks and for summer evening visitors to enjoy the music of a jazz combo. The garden also provides nectar and food sources for a variety of bees and butterflies in an area otherwise devoid of vegetation. It proves that what is practical is also beautiful, indeed.

The Worthley Garden

From arbors and arches to a fernery and a pair of live swans, you’ll relish this ever-evolving garden on Stew and Ruth Worthley’s property. Many years of work, the enjoyment of gardening, and the fulfillment of accomplishment have gone into creating this verdant retreat. Having made “repurposing” an art and the gardens endlessly varied, the Worthleys welcome you as you explore and enjoy a morning’s walk in their little bit of country in Kokomo.

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