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  1. Bunny Raza says:

    I can not enter my hours or print/sign up to renew my membership. Please call at 614-571-4681 (leave voicemail if I don’t answer, please).

  2. Can’t log in or leave hours. Nor watch videos for education hours.

    • Karyn says:

      The password for this website members only content is the same for everybody:. Evansville2015
      The password for entering hours is personal, when you get to the Purdue site click that you forgot your password and you will receive a link to make a new password.

  3. Patti Whitehead says:

    Still unable to access page to record hours. States my email is not found when I try to reset my password. Thank you!

    • Karyn says:

      We have no control over the Purdue site. You’ll have to talk to Emma or Kris in the fairgrounds office for their help. Sorry.

  4. Kathy Such says:

    Trying to send a message about plant identification but I’m not sure if it’s going through. There doesn’t seem to be a submit button on the contact us

    • Karyn says:

      Hi! The Gardenline Education Center would be your best resource, but they are not active during the winter. Therefore, you can email Emma Mendez at the Hamilton County Extension Office,, with photos of the plant in question.

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