AAS Winks Flower Bed

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This bed is to display the current and previous year’s All America Selection Flowers. The seeds and some plugs are sent to the main office rom the AAS organization and then given to us for distribution.  We have some seeds that need to be started as early as January, so we distribute the seeds to volunteers at the January kick off meeting and then February and March if needed. The seeds are started by a committee of volunteers, and then brought to the beds for planting.  The bed also needs watering and maintaining during the summer.

History of Committee

AAS is a non-profit organization whose mission is “To promote new garden varieties with superior garden performance judged in impartial trials in North America.”  They have been doing this since 1932 and have chosen such well known varieties as the Wave Petunia and SunPatiens®.

The flower bed started in 1987. And a committee was formed to maintain the bed. It is located in the current location on either side of the sidewalk between the Winks and Annex Buildings.  Due to construction and updates expected beginning in 2024, the AAS bed will be moved to a different area, utilizing raised beds, for the foreseeable future.


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