Memory Garden Bed

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Where:  Located on the Fairgrounds adjacent to the Rose Bed in the building corner around the silo.

When:  This bed was created and installed in 2010

Purpose HCMGA wanted a bed devoted to the appreciation for members no longer with us due to health reasons, moving from the area, or passing away.  No particular names are listed but this bed serves as a retreat where people can go and remember our gardening friends. 

Plantings: There is a collection of beautiful peonies that bloom every spring, a nicely shaped Service Berry, a Magnolia Tree, many flowers and native shrubs.  A sandstone bench and Japanese Lantern add to the peacefulness of this small bed.

Activities:  This bed only requires maintenance upkeep and an occasional watering since it is on the watering system with the Rose Bed.   Volunteers  are needed to take a week or two during the growing season to keep this heavily viewed bed looking its best.


(updated 01/05/2021)

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