Native Plant Bed

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This bed helps the community understand how native plants can be used in our landscapes. Only species native to Indiana or their cultivars are planted in this bed. Free brochures are available for educational purposes. The bed is located in front (east side) of the Extension Office building, and along front sides touching the building and the four sides of Centennial Pavilion (north side).

History of Committee

This bed started in 1985 and was located at the front of the extension office building.  The bed was planted with natives.  In 2009, this bed was redesigned due to certain natives taking over and having gone to seed, taking out other native plants.  So the garden bed was redone with Indiana native plants that are not as likely to reseed as readily.  In 2010, the areas around the Centennial Pavilion were taken over from the 4H program and redesigned, leaving the four Oak Leaf Hydrangea in the four corners.  In 2015, the building engineer asked that the land attached to both sides of the extension front be added to the native bed.




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