Rice Sensory Garden Bed

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Where:  On the Fairgrounds located by the silo area on the northwest side of the exhibition hall.

When:  This bed was installed in 2015 and dedicated to Bill Rice who was our retiring ANR from Purdue University.  A plaque is in the garden to commemorate his years of service.

Why:  The purpose is to give the public ideas of ways they can create a garden that involves all of our senses in its design.  This bed can have changing plantings that provide new and exciting plant displays.  This area is grounded with a sandstone bench and large dogwood tree along with a magnolia and beautiful stone urn that changes with the seasons. 

Activities:  Regular watering and weeding is needed in this small bed.  With the changing of seasons we need to plant new arrangements in the urn.  Volunteers are needed to take a week or two to tend this heavily viewed bed. 


(updated 01/05/2021)

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