Buck Roses


Dr. Griffith Buck Roses:   We have two beds with a total of 14 Buck (as they are often referred to) roses.  These roses were developed by a professor of horticulture at Iowa State University and were bred specifically to require low maintenance, and be disease resistant and cold hardy.

These are roses that are easy to grow, even for a beginner and will definitely reward you with constant blooms, beautiful colors and wonderful scents.  We have two “Buck” rose beds which are located in the area across the path from the arbor section.

Google “Dr. Griffith Buck” to learn more about him  and his wonderful roses.  His life and the work he did hybridizing roses is a wonderful reflection on a genuine lover of roses.  I’m quite certain you will be amazed at the different types and qualities of his roses.  While not currently available for purchase in Indiana, there are a number of suppliers of his roses.  We have 14 of them for you to admire in our garden. You won’t be disappointed if you order one (or a few).



April Moon

Aunt Honey

Carefree Beauty

Country Dancer


Distant Drums

Enchanted Autumn


Golden Unicorn

Hawkeye Belle

Honey Sweet


Winter Sunset





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