Kordes Roses

Kordes Rose: Kordes roses come from Germany. This rose type’s origin roots date back to 1887 when Wilhelm Kordes founded a nursery for the production of rose plants in a small town near Hamburg, Germany. The business did very well and was moved to Sparrieshoop, Germany in 1918 where it is still in operation to this day. At one time, the company had a peak production of over 4 million roses a year, which made them one of the top rose nurseries in Europe. The Kordes rose breeding program is still one of the largest in the world. Each rose plant selected from many seedlings each year must go through a seven year trial before being released for sale to the general public. These roses are exceptionally hardy. The top goals of the Kordes rose breeding program are winter hardiness, quick repeat blooms, fungal disease resistance, unique colors and forms of bloom, abundance of blooms, fragrance, self-cleaning, good height and fullness of plant and rain resistance.

Kordes Floribunda Lions Fairy Tale

Kordes High Tea Savannah

Kordes Lemon Fizz Kolorscape (TM)ppaf

Kordes Shrub Kardinal Kolorscape

Kordes Shrub Purple Rain

Kordes Shrub Raspberry Vigerosa

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