Rose Earth Kind Shrub Pink Carefree Beauty



Pink Carefree Beauty

Earth-kind Shrub Rose®


Origin:   USA, 1977 (Dr. Clifford Buck Rose)

Color:   Light rose

Approximate Size:    3 feet by 4 feet

Bloom:   Continuous bloomer

Fragrance:   Mild apple fragrance

Shade Tolerant:   No – Needs Full Sun

Interesting Facts:  Only rose that appears in two beds of our HCMGA Rose Garden.  It is in our Earth-kind and one of our Dr. Giffith Buck rose beds. This rose is one of the most popular of Dr. Buck’s roses. It needs very little care. It also has lots of orange-red hips. Remove “spent” blooms to encourage heavier bloom.


Photo Courtesy:    Chamblee’s Rose Nursery

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