Hybrid Tea Roses


Hybrid Tea Roses:  The favorite rose for much of the history of modern roses, hybrid teas were initially created by hybridizing hybrid perpetuals with tea roses in the late 19th century. ‘La France’, created in 1867 by a French Nurseyman, is universally acknowledged as the first indication of a new class of roses. It is the oldest group classified as a modern garden rose. Hybrid Teas are one of the most recognized and popular cut flowers. The cultivar that made hybrid teas the most popular class of garden rose of the 20th century was the rose ‘Peaceintroduced at the end of World War II. Hybrid Teas are known for their long-stemmed elegance and high-centered blooms. Their upright canes are more open than bushy and carry large flowers. This rose has an extensive colorful palette that allows for its vibrancy to be seen in the garden from a distance.

Hybrid Tea Chrysler Imperial

Hybrid Tea Falling In Love

Hybrid Tea Firefighter

Hybrid Tea Folklore

Hybrid Tea Moonestone

Hybrid Tea Mr. Lincoln

Hybrid Tea Peace

Hybrid Veteran’s Honor


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