Rose Hybrid Tea Chrysler Imperial




Chrysler Imperial

Hybrid Tea Rose


Origin:   USA, 1952

Color:   Red

Approximate Size:    3 feet by 2 ½ feet

Bloom:  Double 4 to 5 inch blooms

Fragrance:  Exceptionally fragrant. Strong citrus smell.

Shade Tolerant:   No – Needs Full Sun

Interesting Facts:  This rose was one of the first roses to be involved in the promotional marketing of a consumer product, the Chrysler Imperial car. Can be used for beds and borders, cut flower, exhibition or garden. Hardy and Vigorous but susceptible to Mildew. Winner of: American Rose Societies James Alexander Gamble Rose Fragrance Award; All American Winner 1953; and Gold Medal Portland.


Photo Courtesy:   Heirloom Roses

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