ROSE Miniature and Miniflora Roses

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Miniature and Miniflora Roses:  We have one bed containing 5 miniature roses and one bed of 5 minifloras located on either side of the arbor in the arbor section of the garden.  The miniatures have an average height of 15-30 inches and are the miniature versions of both the hybrid teas and floribundas.  They are lovely as an accent in the garden, as edging or in containers. The minifloras represent a relatively new ARS classification (1999) and have intermediate blooms and foliage that are between the size of miniatures and floribundas.  They are beautiful in containers and for edging or as a landscape accent. They can be used to make lovely flower arrangements.

Miniature Baby Betsy McCall

Miniature Beauty Secret

Miniature Green Ice

Miniature Mary Kay

Miniature Rainbows End


Mini-Flora Deja Blu

Mini-Flora Moonlight Scentsation

Mini-Flora Patriots Dream

Mini-Flora Peach Delight

Mini-Flora Shenandoah 

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