Old Garden Roses


Old Garden Roses (OGR): These are defined as types that were in existence prior to 1867, when the first hybrid tea, “La France”, was introduced.  There are many subdivisions of roses existing in this classification.  Many times after they initially bloom in spring, some varieties have no other blooms (flowers) for the rest of the year.  Typically, these roses have a wonderful fragrance. We chose only eight OGRs to represent this classification in our HCMGA Educational Rose Garden.  Using our garden pathway as a natural separation for this garden, you can find our examples of these roses located in the arbor section.  More information about each of rose follows on our website.

Old Garden Celsiana

Old Garden Louise Odier

Old Garden MME Alfred Carrier

Old Garden MME Isaac Pereire

Old Garden Rambler Darlows Enigma

Old Garden Red Moss

Old Garden Rosa Mundi

Old Garden Zephirine Drouhin



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