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Double and Pink Double Knock Out® Roses:  These shrub roses were originally was introduced to the world in 2000.  They bloom from Spring to Fall and continue to produce roses throughout the season.  These roses were bred by Will Radler and are disease resistant and drought tolerant.  They are a beautiful landscape rose but unfortunately do not have much fragrance, but their low care requirements make them a favorite with everyone.  We chose to put 31 Knock Out® roses on the outside perimeter of our rose garden to provide constant color and an eye catching entrance into our rose garden.  We have 22 of the (red) Double Knock Outs® and 9 of the Pink Double Knock Out® roses. Note:  Shrub roses can grow from 5 to 15 feet in every direction, so be aware of this when choosing a roles for your container or garden.  Shrub roses are hardy and produce large clusters of flowers.

Rose Double Pink Knock Out

Rose Double Red Knock Out



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