Coxhall Gardens

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Located at 2000 W. 116th Street, Carmel, IN 46032


The Children’s Garden at Coxhall Gardens is to provide an atmosphere for children to play in the garden and be able to identify the plants that have been planted around each of the building fronts. The plants were selected to coincide with the building they were planted in front of – i.e. – the Pet Store has lambs ear, catmint, etc. There is also interaction between the Hamilton County Parks Department to assist them with school tours through the area and to continue working with the Parks Department to developing a relationship with them.

History of the Grounds

In 1838, one of Hamilton County’s earliest settlers, John Williams, was born. He moved to Hamilton County in 1855 where he farmed. Ten years later, Mr. Williams built the Victorian home, which still exists today.

In 1961 Jesse and Beulah Cox purchased the farm from Williams.

Jesse wanted to “preserve an oasis in a sea of homes”, so he decided to donate the land to Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Department. Plans for this park include a museum, conservatory, children’s garden, and a greenhouse. The park currently has the Centerpiece, a statue of Beulah and Jesse, Campbell Crossing, restroom facilities and trails.

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      2019 Project — Patriotic Pinwheel “Child’s Joy of Country”



2017 Project — Old-Fashioned School House

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