Westfield Heirloom Garden

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Located at 130 Penn Street, Westfield, IN 46074


Responsible for the maintenance of the heirloom gardens at Westfield City Hall located at 130 Penn Street. The beds are maintained as a beautification and education project for the community. Preserve the integrity and history of the garden by continuing to plant as many heirloom plants as possible. The garden is planted with perennials, bi-annuals and annuals that might have been found in gardens in the Midwest during the last two centuries.

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History of Committee

This committee was created in 2001 with a goal to provide an heirloom garden to surround the Westfield Town Hall (now Westfield City Hall). Together with co-chairs Mary Kraft and Melody Sweat and many master gardener volunteers, plans were drawn, grass was removed, soil was improved, mulch was added and planting began in spring of 2003. Since 2003, many changes have been made in the heirloom garden. Some of the original plants have been replaced and new ones added. In 2012, the handicap ramp on the west side of the building was replaced resulting in replanting some of the beds. In 2015, two trees were cut down eliminating almost all of the shade in the garden which required redesigning two beds on the side of the building. In 2017, a new bed was planted on the east side of the building containing heirloom shade plants.

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Committee Chair Responsibilities
1.MEMBERS: Be present at Heirloom Garden table at the January meeting Committee Fair. Members and interns will sign up at this time. After the Committee Fair an email will be sent welcoming new members/interns and asking existing members if they wish to continue on the committee (some existing members will sign up at fair).
2. BUDGET: The City of Westfield includes the WHG in their budget. The current budget amount is $500. The city budget is used for plants and flowers and anything permanent to the garden. The HCMGA budget of $520 is used for equipment and supplies. Budget requests need to be addressed to the respective organizations.
3. MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE: In March a maintenance schedule is prepared and emailed to members. The schedule begins in early May and continues through mid- October. Two or three members are scheduled each week. Maintenance consists of watering, weeding, deadheading and any other needed tasks. (See maintenance guidelines.) A reminder email will be sent a few days in advance of members’ scheduled maintenance week.
4.WORKDAYS: A workday is scheduled in the early April and October to clean up the garden and plant spring and fall annuals. Clean-up will include necessary plant divisions and relocation, pruning, removal of debris and any other maintenance necessary. Another workday is scheduled in May to plant summer annuals. Other workdays are scheduled as needed.
5. CALENDAR: Put workday dates and committee events on the HCMGA website.  Also, send the list of workdays to Melody Jones at mjones@westfield.in.gov. Melody Jones, who is the Parks Director, overseas all landscaping around city building’s and the parks.  She will be able to tell you when mulching is due to occur. By letting her know workdays, mulching can be better scheduled to occur after summer annuals are planted.
6. BEDS: The Westfield City Hall sign bed, the beds on each side of the front main entrance, the beds on each side of the west side entrance (including three containers), along the handicap ramp, in the rear of the building, along the east side and the hosta bed under the tree on the front east side are all maintained by the committee. Pansies are planted in early spring, annuals in May, and mums in the fall to add color.
7. CONTACT PERSONS: Communication with City of Westfield personnel is important. Anne Cotham is Executive assistant to Mayor – 317-804-3015. Check with her for any changes to be made (sometimes mayor needs to approve) to the garden. (Example: in 2013, a committee member asked Wild Birds Unlimited to donate a finch feeder and pole, and mayor had to approve its placement). Receipts for reimbursement charged against the WHG budget with the City of Westfield need to be given to Melody Jones.
8. COMMUNITY EVENTS: Consider participating in Westfield in Bloom (WIB). The focal color changes each year. WIB is sponsored by the Parks Department. Registration is required and is usually available on the Parks Dept. website sometime in May. In 2017, we held a garden tour in conjunction with the Westfield Farmer’s Market which was held in the grassy field adjacent to the Heirloom Garden.
9. LABELS & BROCHURE: Sturdy plant markers were purchased in 2015 and put into place. More plant markers were placed as new plants were added to the garden. An updated brochure/information booklet was created and uploaded to the Westfield Heirloom garden web page on the HCMGA website.
1. Communication with committee members – Continue to hold a meet and greet and tour of garden in early March to introduce new members to garden and thank returning members.
2. Redesign new bed on the east side of the building. Melody Jones, Director of Parks in Westfield, has asked the master gardeners if they would like to design and plant the bed on the east side of the building to add to the shrubs the few hosta that were already there.
3. Refresh front bed under the windows on the Penn St. side of the building. Add trellises and clematis, clean out spreading yarrow and add more variety of heirloom plants.
4. Make labels for new plants and updated brochure/information booklet to reflect changes to the garden.  Update plant information document for those interested in knowing more about plants in the garden (members and public), and have it uploaded to the Heirloom Garden page on the HCMGA website.
Quad-chair: Lynnda Petersen
Quad-chair: Barb Minks
Quad-chair: Brenda Reasen
Quad-chair: Margie Inlow


Updated: September 2017

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