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Our Gardenline is available to the public, virtually! Let our Extension Master Gardeners help you with your gardening questions.

Our Education Center experts are available via email from March 1 until the end of October.

Send us an email with your questions and any photos to Volunteers are checking emails 7 days a week. The trained Hamilton County Master Gardener volunteers are available to answer home horticulture issues including tree care, gardening, lawn care and much more. 

 If you have questions during the winter season, please use the website “contact us” page and we will attempt to forward your question to someone that can help you.

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2 Responses

  1. Elio says:

    Saw your post on Nextdoor about the seed library and was hoping you could answer a quick question for me. Historically when do the soul temp around here reach 50 degrees? I need to put down crabgrass and weed preventers because I can’t bend down like I used to to pull weeds anymore.


    PS Is it best to spread 1-2 days before an expected spring rain to help work it into the top soil. Concerned with run off.

    • Karyn says:

      Hi! Thanks for writing!

      Yes, runoff is a concern. The best time to apply is just before a rain. If you have an area near a pond, etc, where you especially don’t want runoff from a heavy rain, you could use a hose to lightly spray it in to the soil surface before the rain hits.

      Personally, I use this website for reference on timing:
      According to this, we are almost at prime timing for spreading pre-emergent control!

      Also, here is a link to a Purdue publication that you might find helpful:

      I hope this information is helpful. Throughout the season, if you have any horticulture questions you can get the best answers by emailing our Education Center hotline:

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