HCMGA Handouts

Azaleas and Rhododendrons

Butterfly Garden

Inviting Butterflies into your Garden

Butterfly-Larval Food Sources

Conserving Water: Using Rainwater

Container Plantings= Cool Season Annuals & Warm Season Annuals


Flowering Crabapple

Fall Container Tips

Dividing Perennials in the Fall

Gardening for Life

Garlic Mustard

Good Bugs, Bad Bugs

Habitat, Not Grass

Hamilton County Master Gardener Association

Hamilton County Master Gardener Service Association

Heirloom Plant List

Herbs to Attract and Repel Insects


Insecticidal Soap

Invasive Plants


Kitchen Garden

Lawn Care by Bill Rice

Maintaining a Beautiful Lawn


Low Maintenance Gardening

Milkweed and Monarch Butterflies


Mulch in your Landscaping

Native Herbaceous Plants Suppliers

Native Plants Belong—-Flower, Grasses, Shrubs, Trees

Native Vegetation

Perennials Care &Planting from Allisonville Nurser

Pesticide Alternative

Suitable Trees and Shrubs for Indiana

Tolerant Plants for your Indiana Home

Tree-Native Trees of Indiana

Tree-How to Plant a Tree

Tree-How To Kill a Tree

Tree Planting Guide

Tree Planting Frequently Asked Questions

Tree-Before You Buy

Tree-What Tree Did the Leaf Drop From?

Tree-Color the Tree, Sun, Grass & Animals

Tree-Find the Animals in the Tree

Tree Selection Worksheet

Washing Fruit & Veggie with Lemon Juice

Water Edge Enhancements

Watering Your Plants

Wildflowers in Your Garden

Wintering Perennials in Pots


Puzzles and Word Search

Word Search Puzzle for Trees

Trees in Indiana Word Search

Nature Cross Word Puzzle

Find the Tree Maze

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