Little Free Seed Library

The Little Free Seed Library (LFSL) is a ‘help yourself’ box located at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds.  Contributors include Master Gardeners and Seed Companies.  The purpose of this box is to provide anyone new to gardening, Master Gardeners and everyone in-between, with a variety of sample sized seed packets of vegetables, herbs, flowers and natives to be planted in the home garden.  Please only take what you will actually grow.  
Learning how to save seed from what you grow (click here for info on saving seeds) is a great way to preserve your favorite varieties for next growing season and to share with friends and neighbors.  If you are looking to purchase unique seed varieties or have an abundance of saved non-hybrid seed from your garden, come to our Annual Seed Swap (check it out here!) to buy, sell or trade with other garden enthusiasts.  If you wish to donate seed, please fill out the donation form (click here, and see below) and submit along with the seed to the Hamilton County Fairgrounds office. 
If you wish to complete the donation form before printing, open in Adobe Acrobat and click on “fill and sign”.
Please consider donating extra homegrown produce to your local food pantry.

Check out this video on Winter Seed Sowing!


Some other resources to check out: Consumer Horticulture Resources:
If you have questions, please email or contact Purdue Extension Hamilton County at 317-776-0854.
Happy Growing!
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