Membership Committee

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Purpose :                            

To provide services for our HCMGA membership.  Provide service and integration processes for our interns.

History of Committee: 

Membership Committee started in 2007 when the Treasurers position was modified.  The Association had grown to a point where the workload needed to be divided.  So the membership committee was created to handle the duties of the membership.  This includes producing the membership directory, check in during the General Meetings, and Intern orientation.


  • Provide information packets to Interns by the end of training

  • Provide Intern orientation program

  • Administer mentoring program for Interns

  • Provide information packets for each committee chair at the start of the year

  • Create and distribute a Membership Directory

  • Maintain listing of member interests:  committees, gardening, speakers, refreshments

  • Provide monthly attendance sheets/ contact absentees

  • Receive listing from HCMGA Advisor and order name tags to distribute in January

  • Sustain current membership and increase growth

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