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What is a GrowLab?

It is a light stand that enables teachers to grow plants in the classroom.

How is a GrowLab used in the classroom?

Students can raise many vegetables, herbs and flowers to maturity indoors. They gain an understanding of the life cycle by tending plants from seed to fruit.

At the same time they can incorporate math, literature, and social studies.

GrowLab’s inquiry-based teaching approach encourages students to use their own questions and observations as springboards for learning.

The GrowLab manual purchased with the GrowLab includes complete indoor gardening activities along with other teacher resources.

How does the HCMGA support GrowLab?

The Hamilton County Master Gardener Association (Indiana) supports the GrowLab program locally by awarding several matching GrowLab grants annually to Hamilton County Indiana schools. There may be a Master Gardener with a child at your school who would volunteer in the classroom and provide ongoing horticultural support.

How do I apply for a an HCMGA GrowLab Grant?

Download a pdf version of the Outdoor grant application Outdoor grant application.
Download a pdf version of the Indoor grant application Indoor grant application.

Some of our favorite GrowLab activities include raising a salad garden, creating a “Plantenstein” out of different plant parts, setting up a worm farm in “Getting Hooked on Worms”, trying to grow the tallest bean plant in “Magic Beans and Giant Plants”, and Wisconsin Fast Plants, which grow through an entire life cycle in 45 days.

Check out activities at these schools:
Hamilton Heights Elementary School
Hamilton Heights Middle School

To find out more about GrowLab visit National Gardening Association Kids & Classrooms


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