Caring for Your Container Vegetables


If you received a container in previous years, and would like to know when next year’s distribution will happen so you can possibly receive one again, email

For more assistance, please call the Hamilton County Purdue Extension Education Center at 317-776-0854, or email   To connect with to committee that prepared your container vegetables, please click here.   There are also many free resources available from Purdue Extension. 


Sun, Watering, and Feeding:

Place your container in full sun (at least 6 hours of sun a day).

Containers need watered every day, preferably in the morning.  If the soil begins to feel dry and look lighter in color, you’ll want to give the plant more water.  You can tell if the soil needs more water by digging down into the soil a couple of inches.  If it feels dry, water until it drains out of the bottom.  Pour water on slowly, being careful to not flood the plant.  In hot, dry weather, this could be more than once a day.

Those that received a container garden in June should have received a small packet of fertilizer.  This should be “scratched in” to the soil around the outer edges of the plant(s) in late June or early July.


Harvesting Basil: 

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Harvesting Sweet Onions:

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Harvesting Peppers:

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Harvesting Tomatoes:

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Common Pests:

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If you see a hornworm on your tomato, pick it off and destroy it asap.  Be sure to regularly check for this pest.


Ready To Do More Gardening?

This publication from Purdue Extension Department of Horticulture will help to guide you through the growing season.

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