Seed Swap

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The next Seed Swap is scheduled for Saturday, January 27, 2024.

Purpose of Committee

Every gardener has extra seeds that often never get used. Bring them to our seed swap, and take home some new seeds. Even if you don’t have any seeds to share, you’re still invited. There will be plenty of seeds for everyone. Join us for an afternoon of meeting other gardeners and chatting about all things green and growing. 

How it works:

  1. Show up with seeds to swap (labeled in envelopes or bags).
  2. Swap your seeds with other gardeners.
  3. Have fun, try new varieties. 
  4. Socialize with other gardeners. Share and gain knowledge while making new friends. 
  5. Any extra seeds from the event shall be donated to the seed library. 

History of Committee

This committee was formed in the gardening season of 2017 by Jenny Lambert and Shelli Broadbent.

Committee chairs as of the end of 2022: Shelli Broadbent, Kim Jenks, and Heather Spinner.

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