Junior Gardeners Committee

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To instruct elementary-aged children with presentations and activities that demonstrate the importance of gardening and the University Extension network.
History of Committee
This program started in 2011, with locations at county elementary schools. It expanded into constructing a garden area on the fairgrounds property south of the AAS Vegetable bed in 2012. As of 2017, the Junior Garden area is no longer used by Junior Gardeners. The majority of the Junior Gardener work is done through the elementary schools in Hamilton County and in the gardens developed by the schools.
Committee Chair Responsibilities

  • Continue to recruit and train committee members

  • Identify and secure tentative teaching opportunities

  • Develop virtual presentations for delivery by teachers

  • Present programs to youth based organizations in Hamilton County

  • Prepare articles for HCMGA newsletter

  • Represent JG at state fair, county fair, association committee fair, plant sale and any other appropriate venues

  • Maintain minutes and documentation on committee and individual group activities

  • Maintain financial records and submit forms to treasurer as requested

  • Work with local schools and groups to coordinate field trips and work in school gardens

  • Report to HCMGA Board of Directors on a quarterly basis

  • Maintain correspondence with participating groups and contacts

  • Maintain frequent contact with committee members

  • Create age-appropriate lessons and activities

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