NICE – Native and Invasive Community Educators

The purpose of the Native & Invasive Community Educators (NICE) Committee is to
educate the public about the benefits of using plants native to Indiana in our landscapes and
about the adverse eects invasive plants have on our environment, health and economy.
Display Beds:
The NICE Committee maintains two display beds at the 4-H Fairgrounds that highlight how
native plants can be successfully utilized in our home landscapes and oer examples of
alternatives for the invasive plant species often found on our own properties.
History of Committee:
Our committee began in 1985 as the Native Plant Bed Committee located on the 4-H
Fairgrounds. The original beds in front of the Purdue Extension oce have expanded over time
and now also include the bed surrounding the Centennial Pavilion. These beds are
experimental in nature and constantly evolving with the installation of new native plant species
almost every year. In 2020, the scope of the original committee was broadened to include the
environmentally critical topic of invasive species and rebranded as the NICE Committee.
NICE Committee Information:
Click on the pdf slide deck below for more detailed information about the NICE Committee
and why you should be concerned about the important issue of natives and invasives and the
eects they exert on our environment, health and economy. 
Informational Resources on Natives and Invasives: