Purdue EMG Policy Guide

Click here to view the updated Purdue EMG Policy Guide.  

The June 2022 updates include:

  • Added new branding for the Purdue EMG Program and revised section on use of Purdue EMG title and official brand
  • Added the requirement for Working with Minors Safety training for volunteers who work with minors in approved Purdue EMG volunteer activities
  • Added newly formed Purdue EMG Alumni Status description and application form in Appendices
  • Revised explanation of the Vehicle Use Policy for the University with updated links to more information about this policy
  • Updated photos of newly branded manual, certificate, and badge
  • Revised Purdue EMG Volunteer Position Description adding more details and clarity
  • Removed demographic questions from Forms EMG-1 and EMG-2 (demographic data will be collected in other ways)
  • Slight revision to pest information policy to add clarity
  • Misc. revisions throughout
  • There are also newly revised separate fillable pdf Forms EMG-1, EMG-2, and Alumni Application available upon request from your EMG County Coordinator

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