Small Grants Committee

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This Program is to help connect with the community by assisting other community projects to promote gardening and education.  Grants will be open to any groups in the community whose project meets HCMGA requirements for horticultural education and enhancement.   

The goal of this program is to make small amounts of funds available for projects within our community that further horticultural education and are in line with HCMGA’s mission to promote the art, science and pleasure of gardening in the community.  

History of Committee

This program started in January of 2011 to provide assistance to community based horticultural projects that further our mission of education.  The committee members to be leading this group are past presidents of the organization.  Bill Rice, HC Extension Educator, indicated that these are the people that are very familiar with what is allowed by the organization.  The past presidents know what is truly educational and if the requests meet the overall mission of Master Gardeners.  The committee is set up with 3 individuals to ensure that voting on the requests for money will result in a majority vote.

The concept of these grants will be relatively small amounts, generally a few hundred dollars or less, and not to exceed $500.00 per project.  It is hoped that these small grants will be used in conjunction with other sources of funding for project enhancement.

Examples of this:  plant signage, brochures, purchase seed, special plantings, garden supplies, etc.

The Grants Committee will review the applications and determine recipients on a quarterly basis.  Applications will be available online, at meetings or from a Grants Committee member.

Applications are accepted:

  • From December 1 – February 28: Awarded on March 31
  • From March 1 – May 31: Awarded on June 30
  • From June 1 – August 31: Awarded on September 30
  • From September 1 – November 30: Awarded on December 31

Fifty percent of the funds awarded will be available at the start of the project and 50% upon completion and inspection.

Small Grants Application

Hamilton County Extension Office
2003 Pleasant Street
Noblesville, IN 46060-3697


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