Plants for Fall

Plants For Fall Interest

Fall-planted perennial flowers, trees and shrubs generally grow and perform better during the next growing season than those planted in the spring. This is primarily due to root growth, which occurs mainly in the cooler temperatures of fall and spring and stops in the heat of summer. Roots continue to grow after the leaves drop in the fall as long as the soil temperature remains above 40 degrees. Therefore, plants set in the fall have the benefit of two growth seasons to establish strong root systems before the onset of next summer’s heat.

Anemone (1) Caryopteris (3) Lilyturf (2)
Japanese anemone (3) Coral Bells (2) Monkshood (1/2) for winter interest
Aster (1/3) Coreopsis (2) Obedient Plant (1)
Balloon Flower (2) Gayfeather (2) Peony (3)
Beautyberry “Profusion” Hardy Begonia (3) Gaura (2)
Snakeroot (1) “Winter King” Hawthorn Bellflower (2)
Grasses (1/2/3) Sneezeweed (3) Porceline vine
Blackberry Lily (2) Hosta (2) Speedwell (2)
Pyracantha Black-eyed Susan (2) Ironweed (3)
Toadlily (3) Arrowood Viburnum Bugbane (3)
Joe Pye Weed (3) Pink Turtlehead (2/3) Cranberry Viburnum
Cardinal Flower (3) Kalimeria (2) Hardy Zinnia (2)
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